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The world is so empty without you in it.
Everything that I cared for and held dear,
disappeared when you fled.
So long you spent,
living a lie,
letting me think I was enough for you,
only to leave me there in the dark,
wondering where all the light in my life went.
You're not the first one to pick up and leave,
many others have come and gone before you.
But you're different,
because I gave you my heart,
and you never gave it back.
You shattered it,
into a million pieces
with your lies,
your cruelty,
and your selfishness.
You stole my heart,
and broke it.
You now remind me of why I hate others so,
you embody just as much greed as they do.
I can no longer draw a picture of you,
and find every stroke beautiful,
just like I used to
because my blood,
and tears,
were used to paint that picture.
And now,
they are all I see when I look at you.
And everywhere I look,
I see you.
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 5 7
I woke to darkness, opening my eyes and seeing nothing but the endless black abyss that enveloped me. I shivered as the cold air blew past my naked and cut up legs. Still in chains, my arms fought to rid themselves of the decrepit metal that jailed me to this rotting wall. Screams echoed through the door as it opened slightly and let a small patch of candle light into my dark prison. I saw a shadow enter, but nothing more. My malnourishment and deteriorated physical state made it nigh impossible for me to see, especially in such poor light. But when the shadow spoke, I knew who had entered my chamber….
"Ji'unemm," He whispered softly.
"Hyvar…." I answered, coughing and continuing to pull on my chains. "Master, please, I did as you asked, and now that I am here in the heart of hell, release me from this torment. Make me slave to you no longer…."
"You know I can't do that, little one," Said my leader, brushing his fingers across my blood stained cheek. I began to cry, sobb
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 1 2
What am I,
if not a vessel for your hatred?
A messenger.
A cage.
A guardian of dark feelings that you choose not to share with others.
Only with family.
Only with me.
What am I,
if not an image of what you wish was,
but isn't?
A painting.
A piece of clay so carefully sculpted into what you want others to see.
Projected images.
Projected feelings.
What am I,
if not a cruel joke the world has played on you?
A mistake.
Something your morals compelled you to keep.
What am I,
if not your daughter?
A girl?
A woman?
A broken human being who spent her entire life in your servitude.
Working so hard to please you.
to prove to you,
that I am no mistake.
What am I,
if not a girl who's life work has been to make you happy?
Only to fail,
and to be punished for that failure.
Every second,
of every day.
Begging whatever powers above me,
that today,
will be different.
That today,
this darkness you pour into me everyday,
will suddenly cease.
That today,
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 1 0
The Idea
The idea.
We fear and revere it.
A void of creativity is frowned upon,
but to embrace an idea is hazardous,
as so many artists let it completely consume them.
They accept it into their lives,
and let it plague the existence around them.
The fabric of their reality twists and alters for their new perspective,
creating a projected image that walks a fine line between fantasy and truth.
This forces people to question powers outside of their medium,
as not every aspect of this new view is controllable.
The idea of power is so dastardly popular, distorted, and misunderstood,
misinterpreted to the point where respect and fear are no longer clearly defined.
We as a people are enslaved to this idea.
In its own way, it defines us.
Other ideas are more deadly,
changing the entire way our mind operates.
We try to fight it,
but it persists.
It refuses to die,
latching on to our doubts and fear,
feeding off the uncertainty.
As a result we begin to question everyday circumstances that were previousl
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 1 1
We often spend our entire lives trying to find ourselves,
looking for that one piece of our heart we forgot about,
that feeling we hadn't known since we were little.
Some of us don't realize,
that so much of us is hidden from ourselves.
It is human nature to wear a mask,
to hide so much of what we know and feel.
Some do it to create conversation.
Others lie for their own amusement.
For many,
it's an unconscious act.
Hiding has become an occupation,
a way of life.
Expression is such a crime,
to the point where people begin to destroy themselves
to become what others desire.
What kind of twisted lives do we live?
How many unnecessary lies have we told for the sake of appearances...
We watch each other battle this pain.
We watch them bleed the love they have for others.
The constant digging into people's hearts and minds is never ending.
But we can never seem to penetrate our own defenses;
someone always has to do it for us.
We learn the most about ourselves from other people,
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 3 4
Human Nature
Human Nature
The human being is devious.
It is clever.
It is constantly coming up with ever more imaginative ways to beat you.
The human being is fearful.
It is cautious.
It is keeping track of every move it feels the need to follow:
whether it be your train of thought,
or a path you are taking through an area it does not know.
The unknown scares it.
It would much rather take the path that others have done before,
than the path that no one has tried.
Some are adventurous.
They crave the sense of wonder they once had as children.
Only to realize years later,
that as the world is explained to them, its wonder slowly fades.
The human being is creative.
It is colourful.
It is persistent in making entertainment for itself and its peers.
The human being is troublesome.
It is defiant.
It is the one creature on earth that has a blatant refusal to respect its environment.
The one imbalanced organism that has the power to better itself, and chooses not to.
The human being is disgusting.
It is vi
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 2 3
When I look at the world,
I see a flower,
a blossom,
blooming full of wonder,
of colour
of sweet innocent brilliance.
A bright and lovely sight that never ceases to amaze.
I can't help but wonder...
as every rose has a defense full of thorns,
does this flower have an arsenal just as vicious?
Why am I afraid?
of a flower...
a beautiful thing that brings such joy to all of us.
my fingers reach out towards the plant
I reach the petals,
I feel nothing.
My hands caress the softness,
bringing a smile to my tear stained face.
I go deeper,
to the leaves beneath the soft petals.
Though they are rougher, stronger, and thicker than the dainty things above them,
but they are nothing to be feared.
My heart is beating fast.
I am even more afraid as my hand reaches the stem,
my knuckle barely brushing it.
though my hand is shaking from the adrenaline rushing through my system,
the stem remains resilient,
barely phased by my touch.
A majestic pillar of strength in its own right.
:iconmulindee:Mulindee 5 9
Montreal as night falls... by Mulindee Montreal as night falls... :iconmulindee:Mulindee 2 0 Let sleeping dogs lie... by Mulindee Let sleeping dogs lie... :iconmulindee:Mulindee 0 4


Pain by Anhen Pain :iconanhen:Anhen 279 37
As i run down the darkened beach of my mind i wonder to myself how i came to this situation again. Life had been so hard and i learned from a young age how to harden my heart and my skin so i would feel less pain. It made the fight with those inner demons more bearable. They came close to overtaking me a few times but somehow i managed to keep them at bay as best as possible.
I look out at the ocean and there you are on an old wooden ship, sails full of wind, beaming with light, warmth, love and it's all shining on me. It warmed my skin. It warmed my heart. It cast such a brilliant light that those demons stayed away. For the time light was shining on me, i could rest. It felt so good to rest, to not fight, to feel love again.
But as i stood there i could see the light faintly getting dimmer around me. I turn in fear to see the ship sailing away from the beach, not towards it. I start to run towards the ship, towards you. My hopes, my dreams, my best friend, my wife, the mother of my c
:iconlordmaverick:LordMaverick 4 34
breaking a writer's heart.
never break a writer’s heart
because your name
will forever belong to us.
you will sign it
into every broken bit
and one day, you’ll open a book
with yourself
next to the words
"let me tell you about the time
i was hurt."
never break a poet’s heart
because between the beat
of the stanzas,
you’ll hear that heartbeat,
hammering harder
proving you wrong
with every line.
never break a writer’s heart
because we will take the pain
and make it into something
you could never live down.
you could live with heart monitors,
that measured the damaged pulse,
doctors who told you,
“she's critical.”
but you can’t live with the bold strokes,
smooth as a flatline,
that accuse you of being
the best thing
that’s ever happened to them.
you can’t live with it;
our soulmate, now writing.
You, now replaced
by a pen.
never break anybody’s heart
because you’ll cut yourself
on the pieces of it.
and see, hearts heal.
:iconcolbalt-rain:colbalt-rain 1,775 506
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“Man cannot possess anything as long as he fears death. But to him who does not fear it, everything belongs. If there was no suffering, man would not know his limits, would not know himself. ” 
- Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

We really are hideous creatures, the scum of the world we live in. 
If we think we're above any other organism, or even the dirt beneath our feet, we are sorely mistaken. We live such peculiar lives now, dancing around the faux feelings of one another in such a way that there is now an etiquette for cruelty and malice. Such disgusting qualities are now readily accepted and encouraged in our society, to the point where it is nigh impossible to find truly good and selfless people. Those that do manage to embody some sort of goodness are crushed, destroyed, ended by those who have no tenderness within them.
I used to be one of those people. But as I grow older I feel withered, eroded away. In light of recent events, I'm not sure if I can say I embody such a kindness anymore. I am now dead, empty. A cold blooded by-product of the environment I live in, and I am ashamed to still be alive.
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I'm Mulindee.
I'm a writer, photographer, musician, artist of sorts.
But when it comes down to it, I'm a quiet, damaged young lady trying to survive this funny little thing called life.
Most of what you find me posting up here on this site will be really sad, depressing, and dark. Other pieces will be illuminating. But most importantly, what's shown here is a mirror. Everything you see is me in written form. If you like it, I'm glad :) If you don't like it, I'm sure there are plenty of other starving artists who are dying for your attention.

I hope to be an author/screenwriter one day. If you like my work, feel free to leave a comment and say hello.


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